Het Kanaalke 2

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Het Kanaalke is a domain with two completely different lakes.
Kanaalke 1 is a lake with more action, while Kanaalke 2 requests more patience and experience. Het Kanaalke 2 has got 3 swims which can only be booked as a double swim (2persons).

Kanaalke 2 is about 300m, with a maximum depth of 2,80m.
At the entrance of the property, you’ll find a well-furnished unit equipped with a shower,
a toilet, a dining room and a small kitchen. This is available to anyone.
There are several bikes available on the property to move yourself to the unit.
Each swim has been foreseen with a landing net, a sling, a cradle and a rowing boat with oars.

" Kanaalke 2 "

Kanaalke 2 has got 3 swims, swim 5 allows you to park your car. To reach swim 6 and 7, you’ll have to walk for about 25m. All the swims are decently built. With a stock of more then 150 carps with a nice average weight and multiple toppers above 20 kg, it really makes it a top stocked lake. Also don't forget the hard to catch carp of the original stock. This makes the lake particularly suitable for the fisherman who is looking for a challenge. And last but not least, don't forgot that the big cats can throw a spanner in the straw.

" The History "

Het Kanaalke knows his origin in the period of the Limburg mines. The mine site of Houthalen-Helchteren started with the exploitation in 1927 and het Kanaalke was then excavated by the miners. Het Kanaalke foresaw the mine shafts of cooling water for the machinery and the miners of shower water. After the closure of the mine in Houthalen, het Kanaalke became a fishing lake which was for many years fished by local people and organizations.

After several years of savagery of the domain, the fishermen stayed away and het Kanaalke came into oblivion, this to the regret of many local fishermen.

Gills & Scales worked very hard to recover everything in it’s original condition, both on the banks, as in the water. Fallen trees, snags and landfill waste were cleaned up, the swims were reconstructed and a lot of beautiful carp have been released into the water.


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Gills And Scales

Name: Het Kanaalke 2
Province: Belgian Limburg
Closed time: 1 november until 1 march
Size: 2,5 ha
Soil: thin layer of silt, clay layer in the middle and several hard sandbars
General profile: snags under water, overhanging trees near the banks, lily and cane beds.
Depth: 1m to 2,80m
Difficulty: 7/10
Number of fishermen: max 6
Number of rods: 2 per fisherman
Accessibility: by car till swim 5
Price: weekend 175€ midweek 225€ week 350€ (price 2persons per swim)
Price 2e non-fisherman: 10euro / day
Stock: mirror / common / catfish / pike

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