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Our fishery "Het Kanaalke" is a property situated in Heusden-Zolder (Limburg, Belgium) with two different fishing lakes, Kanaalke 1 and Kanaalke 2
Kanaalke 1 holds about 400 carp, most of them smaller carp up to 14kg but with about twenty carp over 15kg, two carp over 20kg and 4 carp over 25kg every take can be a surprise! With 4 double swims Kanaalke 1 has a maximum of 8 anglers on the whole lake.

Kanaalke 1 is ongeveer 380m lang en 50m breed, met een diepte van maximum 2,70meter.
Aan de ingang van het terrein is een goed ingerichte unit voorzien met douche,
toilet en een kleine keuken met koelkasten en diepvriezer. Deze is voor iedereen beschikbaar.
Op het terrein zijn er fietsen voorzien om je te verplaatsen naar de sanitaire unit.
Op elke stek is er een schepnet, onthaakmat, weegzak en een roeiboot met roeispaan inbegrepen.
Indien gewenst kan er een elektromotor + batterij of voerboot ter plaatse gehuurd worden.

" Kanaalke 1 "

Kanaalke 1 has got 4 swims where you can park your car and set up your bivvy. Two fishermen are allowed to fish per swim. Kanaalke 1 houses a bigger stock of carp with an average of 25 pounds. If you choose for this lake, you will catch more runs than pounds. But beware, there swim quite a few hits of 20kg that can take care of a nice treat.

" The History "

Het Kanaalke knows his origin in the period of the Limburg mines. The mine site of Houthalen-Helchteren started with the exploitation in 1927 and het Kanaalke was then excavated by the miners. Het Kanaalke foresaw the mine shafts of cooling water for the machinery and the miners of shower water. After the closure of the mine in Houthalen, Het Kanaalke became a fishing lake which was for many years fished by local people and organizations.

After several years of savagery of the domain, the fishermen stayed away and het Kanaalke came into oblivion, this to the regret of many local fishermen.

Gills & Scales worked very hard to recover everything in it’s original condition, both on the banks, as in the water. Fallen trees, snags and landfill waste were cleaned up, the swims were reconstructed and a lot of beautiful carp have been released into the water.


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Name: Het Kanaalke
Province: Belgian Limburg
Closed time: 15 november until 1 march
Size: 3 ha
Soil: thin layer of silt, clay layer in the middle and several hard sandbars
General profile: less snags under water, overhanging trees near de banks, lily and cane beds.
Depth: 1m to 2,80m
Difficulty: 5/10
Number of fishermen: max 8, 2 fishermen / swim
Number of rods: 4 per swim
Accessibility: by car to site
Price: 50euro/day/swim
Late departure: 30euro (departure on the day of leave at 18h instead of 8h30.)
Price 2e non-fisherman: 5euro / day
Stock: mirror / common / gold carp / grass carp / catfish / pike

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